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My ZX Cloud is an online platform to monitor the energy of condensing units. In this connection the power consumption of the condensing unit connected to the smart meter is measured by a smart meter and transferred by means of wire or wireless to a server located in Germany. The data is stored and administered on such server. Upon first registration the user receives access to such data by using his email-address and a password. Thus, he can access the power consumption of the condensing unit connected to the smart meter in real time, per day, week, month or year. The data can be retrieved 24 hours at 365 days, the average annual data availability is 99.5%.

Furthermore, the user may subscribe to a newsletter and a monthly energy report. Additionally, he may insert and store data about his cooling system. The user may also activate a notification function which will inform him via email, if the transferring smart meter fulfills, or does not fulfill, certain consumption states which can be defined by the user. Due to the availability the notification function cannot be used for failure monitoring, however.

The service described herein is for free for eight years starting with the purchase of the respective device.

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